Tales of Phlan

First Adventure in Phlan

The light went out 2 days ago. We need to fix it! Or else the world is in peril…..Plus we want money of 50 gold each…
Blackfists == guards
Kiera Arubel are the mercs
50 gold each

Sokol keep.
Sé slept in missed most of breakfast.
Misty waters We stayed at in. Augusto slept with the ass.
We go to the guard office.
We try talk to the guard…. Guard sargent grim is missing. The NPC is bad at responding we try talk back.
We try to get permission.
Harn is the guy we’re talking to. We need to talk to karst to get to horn island
We go to the admin office at the water front as it’s along the way. Swagger fails, amber(Mantis Rider) falls and looks like an idiot. Liela (Layla) is her name, Mantis charms effectively. Quarter master of Igan was there. 2 caretakers Darvag is on her roll and shandra work in the castle. DEV JOINS THE PARTY
No map… .Military business. We’re fucked. We mention sargent. She goes nope!
Basic castle layout as you expect to see on the map! Tallest tower has the light on top
Some of the towers are rooms, whoever is the lord sleeps in the master bedroom in the 2nd floor of the manor. She also refers us to karst, Give us a discount.

We go to the manour. OTDJKQOY.
Express permission needed. We show the slip from Layla “K den”. We all get in the boat. He makes go us with the oars. We arrive at the jetty on the island.

3 people come out and greet us. The man who we assume is Darvag. They will try aid us. I drink the lovely milky brown water. We ask where grim is. She goes on a rant. She says on one of the towers. They ramble on about nothing. Igan went to the east and west towers and they’re not allowed in there.

We talk to the kid…. Then screech and shit happens. Strange knocking sounds… We go to the east tower passing through the manor which is “kinda nice” old woman is loosing her eyesight. We look around a… a chair falls and there’s a hidden door. Ross opens it up with his shield up. A few steps up to a shrine. Alter with books on law history and religion. Orc fails to do anything he rolls a one. Pokes the statue in an eye. Ross has Igan journals… After lots of failed attempts.

We read the journals last page. We try to roll for religion. The god their talking about Tier is represented in statue. ,We recall there is a statue/thing here from 200 years ago. There’s a ghost in the room! Sé alters us to its presence. He tries to communicate with it. It tells him “ I can speak!” he asks whats beneath the west tower “It hasn’t investigated there yet”. It calls the guards fools for being idiots. Amber lies, deception and persuasion saying we’re here on behalf of relatives, Silver tongue works wonders. She believes us straight away. The ghost doesn’t think we’re like the fools from before!. The shrine is beneath the western tower. The ghost was once a care taker. Amber asks for the true nature. “They were good people, adhering to the god” asks if there are curses “ There are traps and stuff for us to get shrekt.

Do you know the password to get in? She doesn’t know. It was made by the castles creators. Adquit information can be found elsewhere. The shrine was desecrated so we need to fix it to fix the light. He kept the readings in his bedroom! Thus we go up there. The ghost tells us she can’t manifest much longer.
To the study. Ross smashes the door In off the hinges. The guards look at us then accept what we’re doing. Sandra runs up and bitches at us. We ignore her. Sandra is a bitch still. Sé tries to search and just see’s a bunch of books. Desk is locked. Sandra is bitching at us. She gets angry and unlocks it for us but leaves. Ross searches, only finds a sketch. A shrine we already were at.
We have yet to find anything of any use. However there is a small little piece of thing Ross finds 5 plat and an old tarnished silver thing. We search for 20 minutes.

We go to the west tower, I was paying attention. Lots of decorated glyphs. The slab vanishes and reveals a dark hole in the floor. We go down the hold. 5ft incline. Ross throws a torch. An open brass door is down there. Ross pushes amber forward. Followed by me. Dev, sé then connor. It’s a crypt with nothing of real value. The ghost says honor dead. We can’t see into the rest of the room. Sé asks the ghost to scout. She declines. Ross hands amber the torch. She opens the door and chucks it in. Calcified growths are everywhere. Coral and shells are on the wall….

Ross goes in first, looks around the room, it’s uninteresting. There are suits of armour…. In the nearest alcove a finger twitches. As he approaches they start to come out. We’re not surprised. However, the empty suit of armour comes across the room and swings at ross. Connor casts a fireball. It lands a crit. My axe lodges in a barnacle and does no actual damage to it…. Sé next he doesn’t do all that much damage. Neither does amber. To first suit of armour attacks ross and fails ….thank god.Ross takes damage.. now onto 12 damage. Connor rolls 19+ 5. The attacker is now cracked and weakened after. I attack it and chip off mosts of its shoulder plate. I look and confirm nothing is in the helmet…. Sé is up now and he hits it. It crumbles into a fine pile of shells and it’s hands still twitch slightly however it poses no threat.

Ross misses again. Amber misses. The armour swings at dev now, and amber. Misses. Connor goes to attack. Rolls an 16. I miss sé misses. Ross hits and does damage. Dev misses. Amber gets a crit does 6 damage. Armour set 1 swings at ross and misses along with missing at amber. Connor misses, I miss. Sé does damage. The armour looks chipped now. Ross hits and destroys like a boss! It splits in half and crumbles into dust. The dungeons expands infront of us!

We can’t see much. However there is water that fills the room up to our shins. It’s 40ft in diameter. There is a narrow hall, we can see dried blood on the handle of a door in a narrow corridor. It’s difficult terrain. The torch is now lodged in the stone. Ross is thrashing in the water After multiple attempts at trying to get out. 2 ghoulish figures climb out. Ross is stuck in the sink hole, up to his chest. They’re extremely evil after sé rolled to find out. Sé goes to fight…

He goes to fight G1, he misses. Arrow disappears into the water never to be found again. Ross fails to fight, the ghoul swipes with his claw and fails. Dev falls in and takes some damage (4 dmg) however, he swiftly attacks and hits G1 managed to do 8 damage to the ghoul. He lobs off one of its arms…. It doesn’t seem to care all that much that it lost it’s arms. Amber goes and manages to create a lasso, she manages to grab ghoul 1, now he can’t move! However he can bite. I wade in and hit G2. THE Ghoul goes to attack and I take 9 damage…. Get shrekt. The arrow impales the 2nd ghoul and the lights flicker out of existence. Ross goes and manages to kill the ghoul. Now half of the water is in the water……

Ross crawls like a baby towards the brass door…. He instantly gets out of the deep water! Now he manages to get us all out of the shitty room of ghoulish depression. We assume it’s blood from a blackfist guard… We see a long corridor infront of us. Ross pushes amber ahead. They use the torch to their advantage. We see drips of blood and bootprints in the mud. Nothing to be afraid of as there are apparently no traps. Ross still has the torch in his hands. There are two pale green orange doors left in front of us, however the corridor leads on. Both doors are sturdy and presumably locked. They don’t move with ease….
Ross goes to wrench them. He is great and manages to wrench down the first one. In the first room there’s a necklace, a simple gold chain with a pretty shell. Gripping the necklace is a skeletor hand! The rest of the room is completely empty. We reluctantly goes on ahead to the next room as there is nothing great in there that would help us in our quest, we open up the next room.. It seems to be a holding cell of sorts along with dwarfish inscriptions that we don’t recognise. The elvish is mixed with odd symbols along with strange mystic stuff of fear! Se pulls the brick away and sees an old dwarfish coin. He understands it’s a platinum coin. He looks at it and reads the inscription. Seems to be a very rare coin….
Through the hallway we see a round ish room approx. 60 ft with a vaulted ceiling. Sickly green light is there along with tentacles. From the room we hear whispers and clattering bone…. Shittttttt. Ross goes to be stealthy as fuck. The room is fucking huge and a brass door is there. Along with stairs that lead upwards. This is the main shrine. Uppon the steps we see the dead body of a man with a pool of blood… Oh noes! It’s probably Igan. There is a pool of black water there too. We decide to roll to look for enemies we see calcified skeletons in there along with broken shafts and arrows littered on the ground…
As we enter the main room we reformat and ross, sé, amber lead. Connor’s and I behind in the back. Skeletors emerge from the water ready to fuck us over! The body within the water jumps up un-naturally and ungracefully. Ross goes first, and delays waiting for an attack. Skeletor 1 decides to knock an arrow at us. Fires his bow at ross, but it misses and goes into the hallway behind us. Zombie 1 goes to move forward and then dashes. Ross attacks and does 11 damage. I go to attack and do damage to the zombie. Dev goes attacks and hits, he cleaves the zombie and splits the zombie in half! Sé attacks skeletor 1, and does 4 damage to it.. It’s lacking a significant amount of its ribs after the attack. Amber moves forward, Skeleton can’t see amber very well and fucks it up. Connor goes to attack, the fireball falls down and hits the water right in front of him. Zombie goes right infront of Amber. Ross goes and attacks. I attack, do 5 damage to zombie. Skeletons remain alive. Dev goes to move and throws a javlin and skeleton, it misses by going straight through where flesh should be. Amber attacks. The zombie is somehow not dead, with half an eyball and most of the face gone. Skeletor2 fires an arrow at dev! It misses. Connor misses the skeletor with a fireball as it falls a bit short of him. Ross goes to kill the zombie infront of him, obliterating it cutting its bowls and spine. It falls in a heap in front of us. Ross moves forward. Skeleton1 goes to attack and finally hits Connor and does 3 damage. I miss and hit nothing but the ground. Dev goes to attack and hits skeleton 1. Skeleton 1 having performed admirably crumbles into a bunch of bones. Sé goes and hits skeleton 2 he is now damaged in his skull as most of it exploded when the arrow went through it. Amber moves forward and attempts to attack “that bitch”. Skeleton cripples unders the weight of her attack! All known enemies are now dead after a miraculous fight. Sé recovers all of his arrows and he attempts to recover arrows from the quivers of the skeletons, he only manages to find 4 extra ones from them making it 20 in total the current fight is over!
Everyone decides to be greedy and tries to search each and every body that they killed. Amber finds gold and gives 5 each to the others and keeps 10 for herself. She finds a wand of magic detection too at the same time. Ross really wants the jade stuff. We additionally find 50 gold coins between all of us. Amber and sé and ross and connor get 8 while dev and I get 9. On closer inspection of the 2nd corpse we find some “fairly fresh armour”. Sweet deal. Ross tries to cut off any insignia, so he cuts out the “blackfist insignia”…..
TLDR: Money for everyone Ross gets suit?

The ghost now informs us that there is a ritual needed to cleanse the alter. Sé knows the ritual with the incense he stole earlier . The jade statue begins to glow. Good thing we didn’t break it! The brass door squeaks open. Admirals and grimm and the guards that remain come out! Igan touched the idol and the dead came to life, they were forced to flee so they hid and tried to tunnel their way out but yet they got stuck. They had no food nor lamp oil. Starving. They act tough however they’re very tired. Ross puts his hand out expecting money. Out of his own witts. Grimm doesn’t understand the gesture of money. Ross said “ Pay up”. Grimm has no money. The men are of frail nerves and Grimm is now shifting side to side. Ross tries to take the trinkets. Ross looks at the trinkets by poking through them. We notice Grimm is racked with guilt. The ghost silently whispers “murder” to us. Ross tries to intimidate. Grimm is now bursts into tears! He stabbed your man with a blade into his heart. He was the one that caused the entire thing! Grimm is guilty of murder and the guards are complicit. What do we do?!

We organise the group into fighting formation. The whole party gets surprise. They also don’t get a first turn. Ross crits and does massive damage. Sé does massive damage also, Guard number 1 is injured significantly. Dev does damage to another one, massive damage! Connor killed a guard with poison and also did massive damage. Amber missed. As did Ciaran. Sé kills guard2. Now two members are gone. Dev missed the crippled old man. My monocle eye saved me as I saw the attack coming! I managed to dodge. Amber hits one and does 8 damage, just about alive. Ciaran killed the guy from the bowls upwards with a giant upward slash upwards. Someone goes to attack ross but only scratches his armour. Connor is up next and misses poison throw. Sé/Ross miss. Dev kills a bloke. Ciaran kills Mr.balls. The guy attacking ross fails once again to do any damage. Ross goes and kills him. Ross takes all the insignias off of them.

They carry valuables. 17 gold each apart from Dev and Ciaran stolen from the lads. There are brass plates with glyphs. The beacon is relight now. Ross pulls the symbol of tyre. We take his special guard insignia and sword (However it’s slightly broken) Ross takes all the swords and the insignias. We all take a piece of the gold statue which is worth 50 gold each! Sweet. We head back into town. We go to the bank and covert gold to platinum.

We go back to the bar and get 50 gold each. We then convert it to platinum also. We bring the old swords to the admin office, we hand over the swords and insignias. We gain 1 gold each. So ends the tail with the light upon the tower and so ends the tail of everything awesome.

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